Borobudur Tour Driver service
Identity of Transportation Solution

We is the leading transportation / rent a car / car hire service solution provider in Borobudur / Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Starting with five units of vehicles, today We have a lot of vehicles operate in More Than That 1000 corporate customers.

Our solutions help customers improv Provides Their efficiency and transportation / car services, especially for those of you travelers WHO visit in Yogyakarta or Borobudur / Prambanan Temple
supported by reliable human resources / professional drivers in yogyakarta tour dedicated to the field of transport/car and Also Supported by English speaking drivers. Enable Them to enjoy comfortable and enjoy the beauty of Yogyakarta,Borobudur,Prambanan and its surroundings. The need for short-term car rental of safe and comfortable with Easily Fulfilled and is available in a Convenient location.

More than 10 years of experience in the transportation service business, makes us mature in and master the nitty-Gritty of running this business.

We provide a wealth of information on tourism and travel experiences that produce extraordinary that passengers choosing us to service all their transportation needs.

Our services:
* Professionalism
* Customer Service
* Communication
* Safety
* Industry Knowledge
* Shift Procedure
* Monetary Transactions

Whatever your goal, we allow you to pick and choose the training options and resources working for you!
Driver and tour the National Labor Standards

* Representing the collective expertise tour driver
* Provide a number of recommended courses and skills training, including defensive driving, the standard first aid, basic car mechanics and serve special needs passengers.
* Cover the essence of the transaction handling, shifting the preparation, service and passenger safety.
* Learn the elements of effective communication so that you can provide a positive, lasting impression for all types of passengers.

We will help you meet every need and provide a personal touch and customer value.
Professional Certification:
Experienced drivers with tourism, and counted among the elite in the industry! Your path is clear: pass the exam passed industry knowledge and evaluation of performance, and has hours of required relevant experience tour driver.