Hi……. My name is Noor, but everyone just calls me Noor
I am from Yogyakarta, about 15 minutes from The City and 5 minutes from Yogyakarta Airport. I have worked in tourism for 10 years. I am just a simple, from simple family, glad to meet and have friends from all over the world.
I will be very happy to help you explore our beautiful island. I want to be your private driver and guide and I will try to tell you every thing about our stunning island. I want to make your holiday in Borobudur and Yogyakarta like paradise.,

Yogyakarta is a very special place, not too big but a lot of interesting objects that can be viewed.
like a temple tour
such as Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, the temple Kalasan, Sambisari,
mountain tourism:
see the beautiful Mount Merapi, Mount Merapi is a very active volcano, can also visit the Kaliurang.
cultural tourism:
see the beautiful temples Ramayana dance at Yogyakarta Purawisata prambanan or, see the palace / sultan's palace and the Castle / water castle.
It all requires a professional driver.Trust me, the tour driver in Yogyakarta.guaranteed a vacation to yogyakarta become more memorable